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Momento of a panel with Dr Vinaysheel Gautam and Jack Welch etc in the Mexico session of a World Personnel Conference. The discussion was devoted to the theme of "Back to the person". This momento carried the image of a few leading lights of the international conference and a mirror. The mirror would reflect the viewer and the message would be that he is as significant, in his own way, as any of the panelists.


Dr. Gautam Conferred the Professional Management Excellence Award (Lifetime) 2015 at Roorkee.


A Legend in HR-July 2015.





Outreach & Relationships:










From the balcony of the Lake Place.


The Chairman under ocean (Snorkling).


Secretary General under ocean (Snorkling).


Paying respect at Aurobindo Ashram 2014 (Pondicherry).


Dr. Gautam at the University of Minnesota.