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Marine spatial planning

Marine spatial planning

Insights into ocean management and the embedded resources a must

Not so long ago, talk of South China Sea dominated the focus of international relations. Landlocked countries were either relegated to columns of lesser attention or seen in stereo type phrases or expressions of traditional aberrations in statecraft. All the while, however, confidential negotiations were on somewhere in Doha between the US and Taliban. Nobody exactly knew what it was all about other than how serious the US was about withdrawing from Afghanistan.  There was verbal peace because the ‘conventionalmoney games’ were on. Millions of dollars of US aid, reportedly, to ‘secure democracy’ in Afghanistan, strengthen its defences and create a so-called ‘stable nation State’ were at stake. The truth was that the influential entrepreneurs of both US origin and central Asian origin were laughing all the way to the bank. Some are arguing that even the business of setting up a modernised Afghan army had been outsourced to the advantage of American business men. Illustratively, it appears, some of them were making battle fatigues for the soldiers of the Afghan army pointless for desert warfare. This is symbolic and important because similar processes were reportedly happening […]

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University Energy Concerns

A grasp of the methods of transition in the past, from one energy era to another, is important

Each social grouping has its mythology. The sense in which the phrase social groupings is being used in this text refers to human aggregations popularly clubbed as a category, such as “the rich”, “the poor”, “the professional”, “the sailor” and so on. The rich have a sub-category that is derisively referred to. This sub-category is called “the nouveau riche,” which is supposed to be loud in its display of recently-acquired wealth. Whether as a characteristic this is true or not has never been empirically tested, however it is believed to be true. Similarly, many professional groups such as engineers, doctors, et al look down upon history as a discipline. A professional historian is neither taken seriously nor referred to with the mellowness which any “serious” professional would have been. So be it!

Applying this yardstick of traits to the profession of energy specialists, the same kind of syndrome can be found. Unexplained professional myopia prevents many of them from recognising that the need for green energy is not a first energy shift that has ever touched the human civilisation. Energy shifts are as old […]

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