IFTDO’s vision is to be a unique and effective resource to the HRD profession working GLOBALLY for the betterment of life. IFTDO has as its fundamental and driving mission, to promote the concept of HRD as an effective tool, across all sectors of society, in order to increase personal and organizational effectiveness.

The value of IFTDO’s focus on people or human resources, is magnified if you can agree that organizations ARE their people. That is, buildings, equipment, financial assets, technology and so forth, are all important to the success of organizations, but they produce nothing without people!

Just as today’s workplace looks different from days gone by due to many changes and challenges, the future workplace is shaping up to be radically different from the one today. Crises, emerging technologies, digitalization, AI, automation, etc., all of these challenges are changing the way businesses operate, how they
manage their employees, and the ability of employees to have a greater share of voice and to participate in defining and even creating their own work experiences.

While technology and other challenges keep being disruptive, people’s strategies should be reshaped. It is exactly what the IFTDO conference is focusing on this year, which is reshaping the future of Human Resource Development. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is blurring the lines between people and technology. The impact of those changes on the way people work and businesses produce value spans all industries, economies, and societies and redefines the future of work.

Ahmed Al Banna
Chief Executive, Origin Group, Bahrain
Serving Chairman, Conference Co-ordination IFTDO
Chairman IFTDO
Email: ahmed.albanna@iftdo.net

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