The Trust/Foundation has an accredited panel of experts in various domains which assist in carrying out it’s objectives.

To do so the Trust / Foundation, also, works in various collaborative arrangements with institutions in India and abroad. The experts associated with it have field exposure and expert knowledge in relevant areas – from Caracs to Melbourne and Montreal to Tokyo.

Interested organizations including corporates are welcome to contact the Executive Director, DKI Foundation on for requirements of Consulting and Management Development, Continuing Education Programs and Event Management Facilitation. These are always made available in a customized manner.

A brief listing of our Associates and Beneficiaries can be accessed here.

DKI Foundation provides support, including financial, to meritorious and needy students as well as institutions with like-minded objectives to still better obtain their goals.

It has a dedicated wing dealing with development of instructional material, instructional design and the like. Its capability is well known in different domains of work in India and abroad. It welcomes individuals and institutions, that share its objectives, to associate with the Trust / Foundation in different and mutually compatible manners

DKIF believes that recognition of individuals who have similar perspectives to global growth is a worthwhile way of strengthening the cause which drives us.

Accordingly we have a scheme reserved for people who have achieved global recognition by their dedicated efforts of strengthening the cause of human skill development and manifestation of the latent talent available, universally, in someway in the persona of each human being.

It can also be conferred in recognition of outstanding contributions to identifiable institution building and efforts at creation of a just and equitable social order in the chosen domain of the endeavour of the person concerned.

We have named it the “Fellowhip of DKIF”. Upon confirment of the Fellowship the individual becomes eligible to write “Fellow, DKIF” after his name. This is conferred on due nomination by a member of the Board of Trustees/Advisors of DKIF, and the nomination has to accepted without dissent of any member of the Board. No one can apply for it on his own. However, the person so nominated for consideration, is informed by the Chairman that his name is being proposed, for such a recognition.